Unforgettable 14th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Let these 14th anniversary gift ideas be a guide and a starting point to help you find just the right gift to make this year truly unforgettable.

14th anniversary gift

Traditional Symbol: Ivory

Modern Symbol: Gold Jewelry

Traditional Gemstone: Opal

Alternate Gemstone: Agate or Alexandrite

Our favorite traditional & modern fourteenth anniversary gift ideas

Traditional (Ivory) Anniversary Gift Ideas Include:

Ivory/faux ivory carvings

Ivory/faux ivory jewelry

Ivory/faux ivory handle knives

Ivory/faux ivory jewelry box

Ivory/faux ivory money clip

Ivory colored household items

Ivory colored appliances

Elephant themed jewelry

Elephant themed artwork

Modern (Gold Jewelry) Anniversary Gift Ideas Include:

Gold necklace

Gold bracelet

Gold ring

Gold watch

Gold earrings

Gold framed artwork

Gold framed photographs

Gold coins

Gold jewelry box

These ideas should get you thinking in the right direction!

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