The Romantic Anniversary Ideas You Need to Celebrate Your Love

Are you looking for romantic anniversary ideas?

OK…your anniversary is approaching and you are looking to do something special to celebrate. With a little planning you can create those magic moments and memories that last a lifetime.

Having an unforgettable anniversary does not always include exchanging expensive gifts, going on vacation or spending lots of money. You can take a romantic idea or two and spin them into memories that will last a lift time! Remember, preparation and presentation are everything. Give from the heart and it will always be a special and memorable day.

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Our Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Renew Your Wedding Vows
This can be done in private or with a symbolic ceremony. See our etiquette & planning guide here .

I Love You In 100 Languages
Learn how to say "I Love You" in French or any of these 100 languages !

Unforgettable Evening
Plan an unforgettable evening. This could be a surprise for your partner or something you plan together. Spend it at home or go out on the town! See our top 10 romantic evening ideas

Romantic Dinner
Romantic dinner ideas & suggestions for planning and unforgettable dining event. From the elegant to the adventurous! See our romantic dinner ideas.

Romantic Picnic
Plan a memorable anniversary picnic.

Take a Trip
Plan an anniversary trip…There is nothing like spending time away from the familiar to enhance a relationship and mark this special occasion.

Plan a Vacation
For fantastic ideas and tips on romantic vacations, destinations and romantic getaways worldwide we highly recommend you visit Excellent Romantic Vacations

1st Date
Relive your first date or the first time you met. Include as many details as you can remember!

Romantic Movie
Watch a romantic movie together.

The Right Gift
Plan on giving the perfect gift - This could be something you create or something you buy.

A Love Letter
Write your spouse a love letter and include one of these unforgettable romantic movie quotes

Romantic Trail
Leave your spouse a trail of rose petals leading to their anniversary gift or a romantic setting you created (candles, music…). This can be done using fresh roses or with a rose petal kit.

Romantic Game
Add some sexy adventure and play a romantic game together.

Read a Poem
Plan on showing your love with one of these unforgettable poems or write your own.

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Inexpensive Anniversary Ideas

Inexpensive Romantic Ideas

For more ways to celebrate your love, please check out this highly recommended site for romantic date ideas and short love poems.

Couple a romantic dinner at the ocean

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GPS Romance 
Surprise your spouse by programming a trip (day or weekend) into your GPS. You choose the final destination and the stops along the way. Make dinner/hotel …

How About Breakfast in Bed? 
My husband and I enjoy this treat on special occasions (anniversary, birthday or just because!). Sometimes I make it or better yet he makes it! …

First Anniversary Keepsake's Not rated yet
Most of us who have or had fallen in love for the first time have ways of remembering those little "The First Kiss" or "Our First Date" …

25th anniversary suprise Not rated yet
I took my wife to Maui for our 25th anniversary for two weeks. 1st week in Maui, 2nd week in Honolulu. As we were going for dinner we saw so comotion on …

Room Full of Candles Not rated yet
Im going to celebrate my 3rd Anniversary in a romantic and majestic kinda way. Heres exactly how.... I kept my litlle heart shaped candle holders from …

Bucket List Not rated yet
Do you or your spouse have a "bucket list"? Why not plan on crossing one of the items off your list this year? If your not familiar with a "bucket list" …

Bed and Breakfast Romance  Not rated yet
My husband and I spent our last anniversary (weekend) at a bed and breakfast that wasn't too far from home. It was very romantic and not too expensive. …

Take A Romantic Night Flight  Not rated yet
Take your love on a night time plane or helicopter sight seeing ride over your nearest city. It's a little pricey but incredibly romantic if you can afford …

Anniversary Dream Pillow Not rated yet
I made an anniversary dream pillow last year for our 3rd anniversary. Here’s how it’s done…Take some of your favorite pictures to your local photo processing …

Romantic Road Signs  Not rated yet
Take some large pieces of cardboard or poster board and write your spouse a series of short love messages (Happy Anniversary!...I love you!...) then post …

10 of Everything Not rated yet
Last year we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. My husband went out and got me 10 of everything! He bought me 10 flowers, 10 gift certificates …

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There are lots of great romantic anniversary ideas here to help you celebrate in style!

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