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Romantic picnic food ideas & planning guidance

The key to planning a romantic picnic is to choose simple, classic foods that don’t require a lot of preparation. A few surprises wouldn’t hurt either. After choosing the perfect, location, break out the champagne, wine or sparkling wine. If you are at a park make sure you are familiar with the regulations regarding alcoholic beverages. If wine isn’t your thing, try adding raspberry syrup or pomegranate juice to lemonade. Make sure the beverage you choose is sufficiently chilled before leaving and if you will be out and about for a while, bring a cooler.

Forget the disposable plastic cups, your date deserves an actual glass. A round of appetizers should be next. Choose foods that you can eat without a lot of silverware, but won’t create a mess.

Cheese and crackers always work, but make sure you visit the local cheese shop or deli instead of heading to your chain grocery store. If you don’t know a lot about choosing cheese a solid choice would be Brie. Choose crackers with an extra kick, such as pepper or herbs. As another option, stuff a few small peppadew peppers with cheese. Drizzle with light olive oil and garnish with herbs.

Cold pasta salads from your deli or sandwiches are picnic staples, but be sure to leave the peanut butter and jelly at home. Mix chopped cooked chicken, mayonnaise, pepper and celery for an easy chicken salad. Add almonds or walnuts and cranberries to make it special.

Keep dessert simple by Serving fresh fruit, such as champagne grapes, sliced melon, or pears. Chocolate covered strawberries are also a real treat.

Before setting out for your picnic make sure you have everything you will need: glasses, plates, utensils, and napkins. All food should be bought or prepared fresh, stored in sealed containers, and kept chilled as needed. Of course, don’t forget the picnic basket!

We hope that these romantic picnic food ideas were helpful in planning an unforgettable picnic!

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