Romantic Picnic Ideas - Create the Perfect Mood, Menu and Setting

romantic picnic basket

Are your looking for great romantic picnic ideas to celebrate your anniversary?

Here are some steps you can take to ensure your romantic picnic success!

STEP ONE: Choose your location

Top choices for a romantic picnic include: waterside (ocean, lake, pond or stream), the corner of a public or state park, roof top (for the city dwellers) or any other location you know well or is special to you.

Have your romantic picnic where you first met, first kissed or got engaged.

We highly recommend you go to your location a day or two in advance to check conditions (too buggy…too wet?).

Consider the direction of the sunset if dining in the evening!

Who say’s you have to have a romantic picnic outside? How about having a picnic in the bedroom after washing your partner’s hair (have a new cozy robe waiting!).

STEP TWO: Plan your menu

You will want to choose foods that are not too messy and foods that will not spoil easily.

Finger foods and fresh fruit are top choices (think elegant and simple). Chocolate is a must. How about picking a theme...Mexican...Italian..French.

For more menu planning ideas see Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

STEP THREE: Make sure you have everything you will need

Some items will depend on the time and location you choose to have your picnic.

Picnic basket (or cooler)

Picnic blanket (moisture resistant)

Real plates and glasses

Silverware (don’t use plastic!)

Bottle opener and/or cork screw

Napkins (cloth)

Sun screen

Bug spray

Handy wipes

Radio/MP3 player

Lighter (for candles)

Massage oil/lotion

Bring your wedding album

Bring a book of poetry to read aloud

Bring a hairbrush (many women love having their hair brushed)

couple having a romantic picnic

STEP FOUR: Make your romantic picnic unforgettable!

Flowers-in a vase or scattered around your blanket (make sure they are her favorite flowers and lots of them!)

Mark your path to your picnic area in advance with candles or flowers (an accomplice is helpful!)

Music-bring a radio or better yet make a custom anniversary mix of songs that are meaningful to your relationship

Pillows-throw pillows placed around your blanket

Candles or lantern-bring ones that have a globe of some sort that will block the wind

Camera-take a picture of the two of you to frame (ask someone or use the timer)

Make a list of your favorite things about your spouse to read aloud

Re-recite your wedding vows

Read your love a poem (see our top pics)

picnic bacpack

Customize these romantic picnic ideas to suit your needs!

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