Unforgettable 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Let these 1st anniversary gift ideas be a guide and a starting point to help you find just the right gift to make this year truly unforgettable.

1st anniversary gift

Traditional Symbol: Paper

Modern Symbol: Clocks

Traditional Gemstone: Gold Jewelry

Alternate Gemstone: Peridot

Traditional flower: Pansies

Our favorite traditional & modern first anniversary gift ideas

Traditional (Paper) Anniversary Gift Ideas Include:

A framed photograph

A special piece of artwork

A special book

Custom stationary

Gift certificates to a favorite store or restaurant

A hand written poem or love letter

Life insurance

Tickets to a play, concert or sporting event

Photo/memory album

A magazine subscription

Modern (Clocks) Anniversary Gift Ideas Include:

Antique clock

Face clock

Digital clock

Projection clock

A novelty clock


These ideas should get you thinking in the right direction!

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