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by Tina

I love your website and got a lot of great ideas, thank you. I wanted to run a few things by you to see what you think. I am not sure if these ideas are tacky or inappropriate for a 50th anniversay party. First instead of gifts would it be ok to say in lieu of gifts a donation may be made to the American Cancer Society or a charity of your choice? Secondly for a centerpeice I was thinking a Wilton cupcake stand with fall decorated cupcakes with perhaps 60's facts sticking out of them on a toothpick or something. The guest to guess the most facts correct wins the cupcake stand plus it serves as dessert. Maybe fall flowers around with a sprinkling of 60's retro candy around? Are these ideas too corny? I would appreciate any input!!!


Those are all excellent ideas! Definitely not corny. Who doesn't' love a good 60's themed party! You have to keep in mind that there are no right and wrong ways to throw an anniversary party. Just do what you think the honorary couple will appreciate and enjoy and you can't go wrong! your idea for charity donations is also great. By your 50th anniversary you probably aren't lacking for much! I'm sure they will appreciate the charitable contributions rather than gifts they don't need. Thanks for your questions and contributions.

Michael & Kristin

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50th Anniversary
by: Anonymous

We are planning a 50th anniversary party for my parents. We are planning on having frames on all the tables with pictures of them through out their marriage. We were also thinking about making some small cards with timed events on the cards. Example: In the year of 1961 the cost of milk, bread and eggs was..., and also list some popular tv shows, ext. We were thinking it would be interesting for people that attend, but dont know if its okay for the occasion.

What do you think?

Dear Anonymous,

We think that this is a great idea! It helps to show the passage of time and highlight how much the couple has been through. It also signifies how things have changed in the world throughout their lifetime and yet their love for each other endures!

Michael & Kristin
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