An Anniversary Promise
an Original Poem by Deshi

by Deshi

Each day that I am with you I become more,
I find another piece of my heart that,
That I didn't know existed.
Each night I find delights as we unwrap the darkness,
I surrender my complete being to you,
my only love.
My favorite time is when we are together,
This anniversary,
I promise I love you more and more,
I promise I will enlighten your life with my strength and empower,
Our love conquers the invincibility,
As we stand side by side,
the world is at our feet,
Loving you was the biggest risk I have ever taken,
I was afraid I would never have you,
You love me for who I am,
I don't have to pretend with you,
I promise I will keep you always in my heart and side by side,
I Love you!!!!!
Happy anniversary!!!!

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