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anniversary party favors

Anniversary party favors aren't something you're actually obliged to give to your guests, but just like with a wedding or any other type of landmark celebration party, a small token of appreciation goes a long way in thanking your friends and family for sharing in your celebration.

Some couples love planning big celebrations for a milestone anniversary like a 25th or 50th, sometimes as early as a 10th anniversary. And depending on how the couple celebrated their wedding, sometimes they'll plan an even larger party for the anniversary. And as such, anniversary wedding favors should definitely be on the list of things to do for the event.

Whether you're looking for anniversary celebration ideas for your own anniversary or you're planning the event for a parent, grandparent or other family member or friend, there are such a wide variety of choices for anniversary favors that you should be able to find something to meet any budget and make every guest happy at the same time.

And with the so many available choices, you absolutely shouldn't have to forgo practicality whether you're planning to buy anniversary party favors or make them by hand.

Here are the top five types of favors that are popular today for anniversary celebrations:

  • Personalized Anniversary Party Favors
    A printed special message on favors is always good choice for anniversary party favors. Items such as laminated bookmarks make excellent anniversary wedding favors or perhaps a personalized candy bar wrapper with enough space to add a personal thank you, quote or even a short poem.

  • Traditional Party Favors
    Favors of this nature would be based on the couple's years of marriage, so for instance you may give wooden type favors for a 5-year anniversary and tin favors for a 10-year anniversary party.

  • Edible Party Favors
    Edible favors really are on just about everyone's top-10 list of favorites. But edible favors may not appeal to everyone today, especially with the growing concern over gluten-free products, or there may be guests who are diabetic or have an allergy to peanuts or another type of food allergy.

    So if you only give out edible favors, some of your guests may not actually receive a favor at all. An alternative is to make up a type of favor kit by adding another type of favor to the edibles that is also practical so all of your guests will receive a favor.

  • Nostalgic Favors
    Choosing anniversary wedding favors that tie in with the theme or season of the wedding is an easy way to come up with favor ideas. For example, if the couple eloped on a beach, the theme of the party could be beach related with beach-themed party favors. Or your could have a theme party with favors around the music that was popular in that era.

  • Be Practical
    It's a waste of your money buying favors your guests will end up tossing aside and throwing away later. And it's almost an insult to not put some kind of thought into the favors you give. So keep practicality and usefulness in mind when you're shopping for anniversary party favors.

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