Anniversary Slide Show Made Easy!

by Anne

...I also wanted to say that creating a slide show of photos is a great idea. My sister-in-law recommended a great website that specializes in creating multimedia presentations. I went there and created a slide show of photos from my sister and her wedding day all the way to today. I put them together with one of my favorite songs and it is fantastic. It made it so easy to put something together that looks so professional. I ordered one in a special case that I plan to give them the night before the party for them to view in the privacy of their home with their three kids. Then I ordered an additional copy to play at the party for all the guests to enjoy. I will give that copy to my mother after the party for her to keep.

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photo ideas
by: Anne in PA

Another idea I had was to use my digital photoframe to display photos. The slideshow that I made was to a song that would only allow me to include so many photos. So the ones I had left over I put on my photoframe. It was a great opportunity to include extended family and even friends of the couple. I included some from them when they were little and many of their travels and sporting events with the kids. I plan to set this up either on the cake table or the gift table for all to enjoy. I will be able to just turn it on and it can play all evening. I am also framing old photos of the family in silver frames to use as table centerpieces. They will double as balloon weights and with a few votives surrounding them I hope they will be nice centerpieces. I had many of my own silver frames and the rest I borrowed from family. They are all different styles and sizes which I think will be a unique look.

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