First Anniversary Keepsake's

by Joe Garhart
(Auburn, Washington)

Most of us who have or had fallen in love for the first time have ways of remembering those little "The First Kiss" or "Our First Date" or the one that can put us in hot water like "Our Anniversary Day" but what about those times that we both experienced something together for the first time? In my current relationship (there have been a few)I have decided to keep all those "First's" "Our First Date" or "Our First Movie".

As I age my memory has a tendency to "Relax" and then I am stuck with trying to remember my "Birthday" or whatever.......this can be very frustrating.

Imagine having a nice piece of wood, piece of plywood or other inexpensive type wood, make it as big as you like, maybe stained or painted to your liking (her color is green and mine is blue)and take those receipts that you have kept and put them in a "Collage" like with them in order of events or randomly that you two have kept the receipts for, now get some clear varnish or varithane (sp?)and coat the entire piece so that everything is encased under a clear coat, this would be nice but it would have to be something you could add too, not sure how you could add to this but at least you could start by making your 1 year "collage" and then maybe do another one for your 5, 10 year anniversary, something you (your kids, Grandkids) could look at and admire.

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