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Planning a romantic evening is sometimes stressful for some people, but it need not be. In fact, planning a romantic evening requires nothing more than your imagination, your romantic spirit, and your desire to have or spend a special evening with your loved one.

But if you do want some help, we have some romantic evening ideas that may help you. Following are 10 unforgettable ways to spend a romantic evening.

1. Make Dinner Together at Home

On the surface this might not seem like the most romantic idea, but many couples find that preparing a meal together is romantic, intimate, and a great way to reconnect.

2. Set Up a Canopy Outside and Replicate a Fancy Party

You can rent an inexpensive white canopy from a party store and decorate a table underneath with flickering candles and white lights that twinkle. You can either prepare a romantic meal or have one catered. Make sure to have a special drink like white wine or champagne chilling and enjoy a quiet, peaceful dinner together.

3. Head to a Coffee House

Not many people hang out at coffee houses in the evening, which is what makes this such a special activity. In the evening, the lights are lower, the tables less full. You can enjoy a cup of coffee together (decaf if you like) and talk without the time constraints that often accompany the day.

4.Take a Rose Petal Bath Together

This takes romantic to another level. The smell and feel of the rose petals is sure to put both of you in a romantic mood.

5. Rent a Limo and Enjoy the Ride

This is one of the most expensive romantic evening, but also one of the most memorable. You can head to a restaurant for dinner, or just enjoy some snacks and drinks in the limo. Save money by doing this on a weeknight.

6. Head to a Hotel For the Night

You don’t need to be out of town to enjoy that “vacation” feel of a hotel. Bring some bubble bath, a few nice-smelling candles and a great bottle of wine. If you have a special mix of music on a CD or iPod, bring that, too, so you can enjoy dancing together in your sanctuary away from home.

7. Near the Beach or Mountains? Watch the Sunset Together

There is nothing more romantic and soothing than watching a sunset with your partner. If you live near the beach or the mountains, head there for a private sunset party. Consider packing a picnic and lie together and watch the sunset while you talk about the future.

8. Go Wine Tasting

You don’t have to live in wine country to enjoy wine tasting. Many cities have wine bars where you can taste different wines, learn about wines and even enjoy some complimentary food, all at a fixed price.

9. Think Young and Head to a Bar

If you are older and don’t engage much in the bar or music scene, do something completely different and go back to your young days. Head to a club and dance together, or enjoy a jazz bar together.

10. Do a Spa Night

If you can afford it, hire a masseuse to come to your house and give you both a massage. If not, do it yourself. Buy a variety of lotions and creams and give each other massages while surrounded by candles, flowers and soft music. Finish with a couple’s bath.

We hope that these romantic evening ideas were helpful to in creating an unforgettable night!

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