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These romantic game ideas will add some sexy adventure to your anniversary celebration this year. Here you will find some of our favorite games to be played at home or on your anniversary getaway! These games are a fun and inexpensive way to bring the two of you together and create unforgettable memories!

Romantic Dice Rolling Game

This is a very simple game… first make a list of 6 actions (kiss, massage, hug…). Each of you takes one die and you take turns rolling. After each roll match up the number to the action. Have fun!

Romantic Treasure Hunt

Prepare a romantic adventure for your spouse. Start by giving them a note that explains they are going on a romantic treasure hunt. In this note give them there first clue to where they need to look next. Leave as many notes/clues as you want leading to the romantic treasure (you decide what that is!)

Romantic Body Painting

All you need are some washable paints (kid’s paint works great!) No artistic talent needed!

Romantic Scrabble

Play as you normally would accept you can only use romantic words or words that describe how you feel about your spouse.

Romantic Puzzle

Get yourself a cheap 100 piece puzzle and then put it together. After it’s together flip it upside-down and write a romantic message on the back. Then take it apart and place it back in the box. Give this to your spouse and tell them that there is more to this puzzle than first meets the eye!

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Play A Game of Twister Not rated yet
This is definitely a fun couples game that we have always enjoyed! It's fun, silly romantic and sexy!

Romantic Spinner Not rated yet
You will need a blindfold, various kinds of fruit and a home-made spinner. Divide the spinner into 8 sections and put the name of a body part in each one. …

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