A Star Named After You
and Your Spouse!

Name a star

Order Star Naming Gift Box

An eternal gift for an eternal love!

A star named after you and your spouse, now this is truly an unforgettable gift idea! Symbolize and celebrate your love with your very own star!

"Of the star naming options that we have found, we like this one the best. Some of the others seemed a bit tacky where this presents as a nicely packaged unique gift."

Product Description:

There are billions of stars in the galaxy, but only one that has your names on it. This touching gift gives you the opportunity to be an astronomer and name one of the countless stars in the night time sky. The majority of stars are unnamed and distinguished only by a catalog number. Once you receive the name a star gift box, send in your stars chosen name by mail or web. This gift is out of this world!

Gift Box Includes:

* Welcome letter
* Your gift explained
* Star naming instructions
* Unique information about your star
* A guide on how to locate your star
* Star & Astronomy booklet
* Wall map
* Presentation certificate with your stars name on it
* Personalized pen

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