How About an At Home Massage?

by Michael & Kristin

This was an idea we came up with for one of our visitors who was looking for something special for her second anniversary....

How about an "at-home massage" for both of you? Many massage therapists have portable equipment and will do sessions in one's home. I'm picturing hot-stones and warm scented oil massage. Make sure you have everything set up in another room (den or living room) prior to him waking, with the curtains closed, a mix of his favorite music, lots of candles (musky-scented so that they are not too feminine) . Don't let him wake-up too will be much more relaxing and etherial if he is still sleepy . You definitely need in on this too...make sure the massage therapist brings two tables! Top off the massage with champagne with strawberries and raspberries afloat. Hope this helps you out and that you have a wonderful day and many happy years ahead with your love.

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