Golden Anniversary
Party Ideas and Tips

We have put together some of the classic golden anniversary party ideas to share with you.

50 years…A half of a century together…A milestone indeed. Now it’s time to plan a party! This page focuses on the traditional golden anniversary theme. However, if you are looking for other great golden anniversary party ideas, themes and step-by-step planning advice please go to our anniversary party planning/ideas page , you will find every thing you need there.

Golden Anniversary Drinks

This is usually a very nostalgic time and a time when people will want to make toasts , speeches , tell jokes and read a poem or two in honor of the anniversary couple.

You may also want to include a 50th wedding anniversary quote.

This is a party where you want to encourage as many family members (of all ages) and friends to share unforgettable memories and stories of the anniversary couple through the years. This can be done orally or they can put their thoughts and memories in writing to share with couple and their guests. The party organizer(s) can ask for a page or two from each friend or family member who would like to contribute (don’t forget the little ones!). The party organizer(s) then place all submissions into a binder or have them made into a book to put on display prior to the party.

The 50th wedding anniversary is also known as the golden anniversary. Traditionally the classic party theme includes weaving the color gold everywhere possible to signify this great milestone.

Suggested uses of the color gold include:

Gold anniversary party invitations

Gold decorations (party stores usually have a great collection of silver balloons, confetti, streamers, candles, doilies etc.)

Gold themed gifts

Gold themed anniversary cake

Gold themed favors (candles…photo frames)

Place gold ropes with tassels on the backs of chairs
China with gold trim

Crystal glasses with gold accents

Gold napkin holders

Photographs placed in gold frames

Place cards written with gold ink

A gold cake topper

We have many more 50th anniversary party ideas and step-by-step planning advice on our anniversary party planning/ideas page.

Golden Anniversary Couple

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