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Anniversary Ideas

cheap anniversary ideas

Below is our collection of cheap anniversary ideas to help make your anniversary unforgettable. They are inexpensive and simple ways to spend time with your spouse and show them just how much you love them!

Having an unforgettable anniversary does not always include exchanging expensive gifts, going on vacation or spending lots of money. You can take a romantic idea or two and spin them into memories that will last a life time! Remember, preparation and presentation is everything. Give from the heart and it will always be a special and memorable anniversary.

Take a Trip to Nowhere
Pack your bags with some clothes and the spirit of adventure! Leave your house with no specific plans and see where you end up. You can stop to eat when you are hungry and stop to sleep someplace when you are tired. All along the way you can stop wherever things look fun and interesting. You will be sure to end up with an unforgettable anniversary!

Plan a Romantic “Mystery Night”
You or your spouse plans the entire night or weekend and then surprises the other with what they have arranged. Be creative and this doesn’t have to cost very much.

Plan a Stay-cation With a Theme
A stay-cation means you stay home with a vacation state of mind. You can turn off the phones, leave the mail, and turn your home into a retreat for the day or weekend. Be sure to get everything you need beforehand (food, beverages, movies, suntan lotion) so you will not have to leave the house unless you want to. You can also have fun with a theme (tropical, winter villa etc.). With proper preparation you can have an unforgettable time without spending much money.

Plan a Camping Trip
This is trip for just the two of you where you won’t be distracted by the outside world. You can spend your time with each other communing with nature!

Rent a Boat For the Day
Pack yourself a cooler full of romantic foods complete with champagne and glasses!

Create Your Own Private Blackout
Turn off the power (or at least the lights) and pretend that you have to make due with candles, flashlights and do what comes natural!

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